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Longevity and integrity: hallmarks of impeccable service.

The mission of the Customer Service teams and the Restoration department is to ensure the authenticity and durability of every Vacheron Constantin watch and guide customers and collectors on their journey with the Maison. Since 1755, these stewards of integrity at Vacheron Constantin have been faithfully maintaining, repairing and restoring the timepieces you entrust to their care.


Life can be mostly hectic with the occasional lull; your daily routine shows on your timepiece. So follow these few basic rules to care for it and keep it working for a long time to come.


There is nothing complicated about keeping your watch as accurate and reliable as the day you got it. It's just a task our master watchmakers feel duty-bound to perform to the most exacting standards.


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Upon arriving at the workshop, every piece follows a very precise process. First, they are meticulously identified to certify the authenticity. If necessary, the watchmakers call for the decisive opinion of the Heritage team, which proceeds to make checks using the brand's many archives.


Not only is Vacheron Constantin the oldest watchmaking manufacture in continuous operation for over 260 years, it is also one of the rare few that still carries the original parts for a good number of old timepieces. In some cases, our master watchmakers even machine the parts by hand to match their original specifications. These seasoned craftsmen work passionately according to a strict moral code on a quest to breathe new life into extremely rare timepieces.

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Each timepiece requires specific attention, therefore we invite you to get a personalized cost estimate of our services.

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Do you have any other questions?

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