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Métiers d'Art

Celebrating decorative techniques applied in watchmaking and jewelry, the watches in the Métiers d'Art collection find their inspiration in art, history, and culture.
Enhanced by the Manufacture's master craftsmen, these genuine works of art demonstrate a creativity that is open to the world and know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Métiers d’Art Villes Lumières – Tokyo

The Métiers d’Art Villes Lumières collection is an invitation to embark upon a nocturnal journey above cities bubbling with creativity. On dials draped with an enamelled base in deep shades, a wide variety of powders creates a bird’s-eye view miniature tableau of these sprawling urban expanses. Traditional Grand Feu champlevé enamelling mingles with hand-applied precious powder, an art never yet used in Haute Horlogerie. The striking and realistic beauty of these timepieces opens up whole new artistic and creative horizons, where traditional skills are constantly nurtured by fresh influences.

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The “Les Aérostiers” collection and the fabulous conquest of the skies

Flying: a dream that dates back to the dawn of humanity, which finally became reality at the end of the 18th century. A thrilling epic that recounts the tale of the five historic Aérostier flights piloted in France, the pioneering nation in this field. For the occasion, our master craftsmen explored new creative territories to tell the magnificent story of these sky adventurers. In addition to the delicate pounced ornament engraving technique, the dials feature plique-à-jour enamel, a rare technique used for the first time by the Maison. The result is a range of gorgeous engraved gold hot air balloons - micro-sculpted by hand. Up to three weeks are needed to craft all of the subtleties and ornamental details – which are slightly raised –  while the time is displayed through the manufacture caliber 2460 G4.

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A closer look at the gold hot air balloon, micro-sculpted by hand, on a translucent plique-à-jour enamel background.

The “Copernic Sphères Célestes 2460 RT” collection and humanity

A famed mathematician and scientist, Nicolaus Copernicus developed a theory that is nothing short of a major astronomical revolution in the entire history of science. With its original display and spectacular embellishments, this collection pays tribute to one of the greatest discoveries in the history of humanity: heliocentrism. A testament to the creativity of Vacheron Constantin's Master Craftsmen; the three models feature different executions and unique savoir-faire: the art of Grand Feu enamel, the art of engraving, and the combined art of laser-engraving and hand-engraving on sapphire crystal. In addition to the sumptuously baroque embellishments inspired by celestial cartography, these timepieces are powered by a manufacture movement that required three years to develop: the caliber 2460 RT.

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“The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac” collection and Jianzhi

A tribute to a great civilization, Vacheron Constantin celebrates Chinese New Year through the signs of the zodiac. Based on the 12-year cycle, this exceptional collection gives life to a new opus in February of each year. The Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig have each been individually showcased, offering some of the most unique and original ways to read time. Inspired by Jianzhi, the centuries-old art of paper cutting, the Master Engravers and Enamelers have flawlessly interpreted the motifs and embellishments of traditional Chinese iconography to reveal a relief as subtle as it is intense. The sole difference is it is not crafted from paper, but rather from sculpted and engraved gold covered in Grand Feu enamel, a technique that originated in Geneva, when China and Switzerland enter into perfect harmony...

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Sculpture of a snake in relief in yellow gold
Vacheron Constantin - Métiers d'Art - Métiers d’Art Mécaniques Ajourées
Métiers d’Art Mécaniques Ajourées

The “Les Masques” collection and the mystery of civilizations

What greater history is there than that of humankind? Born from a reflection on here and elsewhere, on the past and the present, on the future and the eternal cycle, “Les Masques” recounts a thousand years of history across four continents. Twelve masks from the Barbier-Mueller Museum’s collection have been depicted through a sculpted gold plate, showcased at the center of each watch dial. Chiseled reliefs along with interplays of light and transparency have succeeded in capturing the emotion of these centuries-old masks. Each piece is also equipped with a 2460 G4 manufacture movement. Finally, it required all of writer Michel Butor’s talent to spread the message of a far-away civilization... The watch has its secrets, which it only shares with its owner.

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The “Tribute to the Great Explorers” collection and extraordinary voyages

There are journeys that one must retrace and contemplate with admiration. Using a watch dial to recount the great explorations of Magellan, Marco Polo, and Zheng Hé. Such is the technical and aesthetic challenge that our Master Craftsmen have taken on with their extraordinary talent. Each watch is therefore an opportunity to offer a superb two-level dial inspired by the explorers’ maps. Reconnecting with Grand Feu enamel; these true artists have succeeded in making each dial a unique piece. Remarkably detailed; the geographical routes are all featured in perfectly consistent shades. The wandering hour number, powdered by the automatic movement 1126 AT, is the perfect complication in this context to illustrate the charm of travel.

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Vacheron Constantin - Métiers d'Art - The art of guilloché
The art of guilloché
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